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Yes. This picture has been sent by herself. Her name is nadia, and she is one of the human in this world who already support us by sent her picture to us.

yay! thanks a lot nadia. u have already support us, and become our dying hero group. thanks :] let us know if you want to buy another t-shirt..

And there is another pic from our model. Thanks for the pic, Diva.


” I love Dying Hero!! “

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This is Dying Hero logo which it’ll place in all of our products.

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Model: Jasmin
Photographer: Berit L. R.

Cool isn’t it? Of course. Sent us your Picture with ‘Dying Hero’ text in it. And win an exclusive limited edition t-shirt only for free.

Dying Hero Clothing In WordPress

We’re finally moving. From blogspot to another wordpress and now we’re still in wordpress but with diffrent account. Maybe u are wondering why we make a new account in wordpress only for dying hero. It’s because dying hero is re-back with new style, new idea, and new staff.

Anyway, since we’re finally here. And we’re still producing tee or t-shirt. Why you don’t check our gallery and join our forum? we will post our cool design and cool tee, which is designed by our staff. You can also order or request or favorite tee.

For your information, please check out our website, and forum every week. Because we always update our news, plus new t-shirt every week. Dont forget, feel free to support us and add us on your site :]

What is Dying Hero?

Dying Hero is a clothing line which it has a retarded crew. Even that, dying hero can make your custom t-shirt or, can make a limited edition t-shirt. How to get your custom t-shirt? Just tell us in here, or email us. And how to ordered limited edition t-shirt? Just win the events, and you've got free limited edition tee.

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